Change up in Web Sites

Wm Dragon 9Major Web Site Construction Completed! No More Link Changes! I Hope I Did Not Lose You in the Last Juggle!

When I originally started my web site journey, I had one web site for all my writing and writing research.

However, I decided that I should diversify my web site so that those who are interested in what great writing knowledge can be gained from various authors of books on writing can go to a web site that is specifically built for that function. Likewise, a person interested in reading, writing, and sharing poetry could follow my poetry site and those interested in writing novels and short stories to go to my novel writing site.

So, I divided my original web site into three.

The original is now “William’s Journal of Writing”

The new ones are “New Poetic Horizons”

and “Novels and Lesser Tales”

I am sorry for the bit of confusion this juggling has caused. Particularly, the last change in which I swapped the links for “William’s Journal of Writing” and “Novels and Lesser Tales”. I had to do that because if a new reader is steered to my web site by my profile, I wanted the visitor to arrive at “William’s Journal of Writing” rather than “Novels and Lesser Tales”.

Also, when I press my computer desktop WordPress icon, I want to go to the Journal of Writing and then, if desired, go to my other web sites from there.

All my major changes are completed; so, if you want to follow one or more of my web sites, you can click the “follow” button for the one you desire and I promise (fingers ever so slightly crossed) you will not be juggled around in the future.

Thank you for following and sharing. I have been and will continue to visit your work and will share as you wish.




6 thoughts on “Change up in Web Sites

  1. Hi William, I’ve found you 🙂 I’ll be following your learning about writing stuff. Oh, and thanks for including me on your links page. I must get one of those too!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, Elise! So good to see you here!
      Yes, I made that up. I have those who I cannot follow for some reason and so I will “follow” them by going to their link. I got wild and put everyone on it! 😀
      Now that I am found, I must get my next posts out there!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, Luke
      Glad to see you here!
      🙂 I am struggling with three at the moment!
      As soon as life allows, I need to get some new blogs written at each site.
      Since I have your link so handy while replying, I am going to head your way and see what you have going!

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  2. Hello WilliamWriter from WDC! I hope it is you. I recognized the dragon you use as your main avatar. Nice website you have here! I’ve missed reading the humourous blogs you used to upload on the art of writing!

    Asha Moonfall


    • Hi, Asha

      Yes, I moved on. WDC was great for years and I loved it there. However, I just needed a change in pace, so I moved on. I hope to bring a lot of my past post information over to my Writing Sites. I am so glad you stopped by. You are most welcome any time you choose to visit.



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