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Has it been over a year since I last posted here?

…And I had such grand plans!  Uhmm, still do.

So, what happened?

Around the beginning of Fall 2015, my Mom-in-law’s health began to rapidly deteriorate. My wife, Linda, who had retired from her hospital job earlier in the year, began an aggressive attempt to restore her Mom, Evelyn, to good health and return her to quality life.

Of course, I did all I could for both; but Linda gave far more than I could. She bathed her Mom daily, took her to the doctors, and got involved in her Mom’s treatment, pushing the doctors as needed.

We built a wheel chair ramp entrance to our house earlier in the year in anticipation of a day when we might have to bring Evelyn in to live with us. Evelyn did not want to leave her house next door, but we knew by experience the difficulty of caring for and watching out for her from that distance.

I found my time for writing limited to all but non existent, but I do not begrudge the time we gave to Evelyn. She was not getting better. She had a growth on her foot which had to be removed and afterwards, the surgery would not heal. Her heart was already racing and she was given medicine to keep it in check; however, the medicine did not always work right away.

After time, Evelyn fell a couple of times at home and after the second time, we moved her into our guest room which we had prepared for her. Her health continued to deteriorate and the doctors found that she had very little circulation in her legs.

She failed to recuperate after the surgery to replace the blocked blood vessels in her legs and after a week or so in the hospital, she passed away. She was 87 years old. That was April 2016. After she passed, we had a lot of work on our hands. We worked with Linda’s brothers and sisters, and their families to pay our last respects and lay her to rest.

After that, we spent countless hours, working with other family members of course, getting the estate in order and then working through the will and probate and such. It is going very smoothly because all the family are close friends and care for each other.

Anyway, I hope to get back to my WordPress Blogs in the very near future.

Got to run.