Change up in Web Sites

Wm Dragon 9Major Web Site Construction Completed! No More Link Changes! I Hope I Did Not Lose You in the Last Juggle!

When I originally started my web site journey, I had one web site for all my writing and writing research.

However, I decided that I should diversify my web site so that those who are interested in what great writing knowledge can be gained from various authors of books on writing can go to a web site that is specifically built for that function. Likewise, a person interested in reading, writing, and sharing poetry could follow my poetry site and those interested in writing novels and short stories to go to my novel writing site.

So, I divided my original web site into three.

The original is now “William’s Journal of Writing”

The new ones are “New Poetic Horizons”

and “Novels and Lesser Tales”

I am sorry for the bit of confusion this juggling has caused. Particularly, the last change in which I swapped the links for “William’s Journal of Writing” and “Novels and Lesser Tales”. I had to do that because if a new reader is steered to my web site by my profile, I wanted the visitor to arrive at “William’s Journal of Writing” rather than “Novels and Lesser Tales”.

Also, when I press my computer desktop WordPress icon, I want to go to the Journal of Writing and then, if desired, go to my other web sites from there.

All my major changes are completed; so, if you want to follow one or more of my web sites, you can click the “follow” button for the one you desire and I promise (fingers ever so slightly crossed) you will not be juggled around in the future.

Thank you for following and sharing. I have been and will continue to visit your work and will share as you wish.




My Journal of Writing

Journal of Writing 6

This is all a work in progress, so please be patient with me. I am busy writing novels, poems, and providing insights learned while learning more writing skills.

Since all my writings fall into three neat categories, I have made three web sites; one for poetry, one for novels and short stories, and this one for gleanings from what I have learned from various authors.

I have a ton of information and writings already completed which I intend to sort and move into these three web sites; but I do not want to dwell in the past. So, I begin the daunting task of bringing in the new and updating the old at the same time.

While the “old” means the studies were done in the past; the information is still new and worthy of study.

I have put the site together, but cannot start my blogs and fill in my pages yet because I have other business to take care of at the moment.

I will be back soon and at that time, I will not only add material, but I will link my three web sites together.