Perhaps “A Serious Writer” would be the better name since I am just one of the many serious writers that populate this planet. More defining than just “A” would be “This Serious Writer”. However, I wish to identify with “The” Serious Writers and so I will leave the title as is.
Serious has the following attributes which I wish to emulate as I write. First, I am earnest, sincere, and genuine in my commitment to writing. I feel that I have been called to write and the love of writing is tattooed on my DNA. I have enjoyed first reading and then writing as a child.
With a call to write comes a call to prepare and to learn the discipline, to seek out all new progress and advances in the field of writing, and to finally write.
I am determined to run my race in the writing arena and to cross the finish line as the writers before me have.
My WordPress Blog will become my WordPress Writing Website and I welcome all who wish to look and comment as I make “The Serious Writer” my fort, my “work out of” location as I make my newest forays into the world of writing.
I will try to work on these three fronts. First, write my novels. Second, write my poetry. Third, write my Blog/“Writing Journal”, that is, what should be daily events in the life of this writer. Since that unrealistic goal is a dream, I shall blog as I am able but make daily a mental target.
While writing my novel, I will study the books of others on the subject and will comment on my gleanings from those books. As I write poetry, I will study other books and will comment on those as well.
I am sure more creative areas of writing will take place here; but I note these as I attempt to put some kind of order in this new fort of mine.
With these words, I commission my Writing Fort on WordPress!


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